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Please Note

6:30pm bookings are until 8:30pm.
7pm bookings are until 9pm.
Due to a planning restriction our guests must leave by 11pm on Monday to Thursday and by 11.20pm on Friday to Saturday.

Reservation Times

Monday to Saturday: from 12.30pm
Sunday: from 12.00pm
Monday to Saturday: from 6:30pm

The River Cafe will be closed for Christmas from 24 December to 2 January inclusive.

For up to 4 people please use our online booking system. For 5 or more please use our booking request form or contact the restaurant.

Sunday Lunch

For Sunday Lunch bookings please call the restaurant on 020 7386 4200.

Private Dining

Our Private Dining Room seats up to 18. To make an enquiry please fill in a booking request form or contact the restaurant.  More information can be found here.

Winter Set Lunch

The River Cafe's Winter Set Lunch offer is back from 3rd January until 30th April, offered alongside our usual a la Carte menu.

Two courses £28, Three courses £34, Four courses £42.  The menu changes daily.  Price excludes drinks and service.

The offer is available for lunch Monday to Friday (not including the Easter bank holidays) for up to 6 people and only at the 12:30pm or 2:15pm seatings, subject to availability.

Book online for up to 4 people here or call the restaurant and mention the Winter Set Lunch Offer for up to 6.

View a sample Winter Set Lunch menu.


Sample Winter Set Lunch Menu

3rd January until 30th April 2019


Puntarelle alla Romana

Calamari ai ferri - chargrilled Squid with fresh red chilli & rocket

Prosciutto di Parma with sage & chickpea farinata

Mozzarella di Bufala with Capezzana November 2018 extra virgin olive oil, cavolo nero puree and bruschetta


Zuppa di Zucca

Spaghetti with Crab, fennel herb and lemon

Risotto with artichokes, vermouth and Parmesan


Pizzetta with radicchio, Robiola and rosemary

Capesante ai ferri - chargrilled Scottish Scallops with sage, capers, soft polenta and borlotti

Branzino al forno - wild Sea Bass roasted with Florence fennel, lemon zest, Fiano, potatoes and olives

Coscia d'Agnello ai ferri - chargrilled marinated leg of Lamb with grilled peperoncino, braised cicoria & Italian spinach


Pear & Almond Tart
Lemon Tart
Stracciatella Ice Cream

Sample Winter Menu

Saturday 25th January - Dinner


Puntarelle alla Romana £18

Carciofi alla Guidea – deep-fried whole Roman artichokes with Amalfi lemon £17

Calamari ai ferri – chargrilled squid with fresh red chilli and rocket £20

Mozzarella di Bufala – marinated in crème fraîche with wood-roasted Violino squash and agretti £19

Mazzancolle al forno – Scottish langoustines split & wood-roasted with parsley and garlic £30

Carpaccio di Manzo – finely sliced beef fillet crusted in thyme & black pepper with rocket and Sardinian winter tomatoes £22

Pizzetta – with radicchio, Speck di Val d’Aosta and rosemary £18


Ribollita – Tuscan bread soup with Swiss chard, borlotti, carrots and Selvapiana extra virgin olive oil £15

Linguine con Granchio – with Devon crab, chilli, parsley and lemon £21

Taglierini al Pomodoro – fresh fine pasta with slow-cooked tomato £17

Panzotti con Salsa di Noce – with Swiss chard, buffalo ricotta and fresh walnut sauce £19

Tagliatelle al Ragu – fresh pasta with veal, rabbit, pancetta & radicchio slow-cooked in Fontodi Chianti Classico £18


Rombo al forno – turbot tranche wood-roasted with wild oregano with potatoes, Cedro lemon, thyme and olives ‘al forno’ £40

Coda di Rospo con Vongole – monkfish & clams roasted in Tercic Ribolla Gialla with capers, anchovies and cima di rape £37

Branzino ai ferri – chargrilled wild sea bass with salsa verde, large leaf rocket and slow-cooked Florence fennel £38

Piccione al forno – whole Anjou pigeon wood-roasted in Isole e Olena Chardonnay with speck, smashed celeriac and watercress £37

Stinco di Vitello – veal shin slow-cooked with its marrow in Aldo Vajra Nebbiolo with tomato & sage on bruschetta with cavolo nero £36

Controfiletto di Manzo ai ferri – chargrilled Longhorn beef sirloin with salsa Etrusca braised Italian spinach and cannellini beans £39

Gelati del River Cafe

Roasted Almond
Pear & Grappa Sorbet


Selection of 2 Ice Creams £8
Selection of 3 Ice Creams £12


Affogato with: Grappa Bassano £14 Vin Santo £16 or Espresso £9

Dolci £9

Chocolate Nemesis
Lemon Tart
Prune & Almond Tart
Pannacotta with Grappa & Champagne Rhubarb
Lemon, Almond & Polenta Cake with Caramelised Blood Oranges

I Formaggi - From our Cheese Room

Robiola Rochetta – goat’s milk, Piemonte
Taleggio di Val Brembana – cow’s milk, Lombardia
Pecorino di Fossa – sheep’s milk, Umbria
Alto But Vecchio – cow's milk, Padola, Veneto
Gorgonzola Naturale – blue, cow’s milk, Lombardia


Selection of 3 cheeses £13
Selection of 5 cheeses £23

Sample Spring Menu

Wednesday 7th May - Lunch


Prosciutto di San Daniele – with Charentais melon £19

Insalata di Granchio – Devon crab with baby artichokes and parsley £20

Mazzancolle – split & wood-roasted Scottish langoustines with chilli and oregano £30

Mozzarella di Bufala – with lemon & mint, broad beans, black olives and Tarasco cicoria £19

Calamari ai ferri – chargrilled squid with fresh red chilli and rocket £20

Asparagi – English asparagus with anchovy butter & parmesan £19

Vitello Tonnato – thinly sliced roast veal with tuna mayonnaise, salted anchovy, capers, basil and lemon £20


Risi e Bisi - Venetian rice & peas with mint, stock and vermouth £18

Taglierini al Bosco – fresh fine pasta with wild asparagus, hops, herbs and Pecorino £19

Tagliatelle con le Ortiche – fresh nettle pasta with butter & parmesan £18

Spaghetti alle Vongole – with clams, parsley, garlic, chilli and Fracassi Favorita £21

Ravioli – with zucchini & their flowers, buffalo ricotta and mint £19


Rombo al forno – turbot tranche wood-roasted over potatoes with Amalfi lemon and zucchini £40

Branzino al forno – wild sea bass roasted in Terlano Pinot Bianco with Risina beans and Violetta artichokes £37

Coda di Rospo ai ferri – chargrilled Cornish monkfish with anchovy & rosemary sauce, agretti and broad beans sott’olio £36

Piccione al forno – whole Anjou pigeon wood-roasted on bruschetta with Allegrini Valpolicella and green beans ‘in umido’ £36

Costoletta di Vitello al forno – wood-roasted thick-cut veal chop with salsa verde, slow-cooked peas and rocket £39

Controfiletto ai ferri – chargrilled Longhorn beef sirloin with roasted Merinda tomatoes, braised spinach and fresh horseradish £38

Gelati del River Café

Roasted Almond
Strawberry Sorbet


Selection of 2 Ice Creams £8
Selection of 3 Ice Creams £12


Affogato with: Grappa Bassano £14 Vin Santo £16 or Espresso £10

Dolci £10

Chocolate Nemesis
Lemon Tart
Nespole & Almond Tart
Pannacotta with Grappa & Raspberries
Pressed Chocolate Cake with Zabaglione Ice Cream

I Formaggi – From our Cheese Room

Caprini Freschi – goat’s milk, Piemonte
Scimudin - cow & goat's milk, Lombardia
Pecorino Marzolio Rosso – pasteurised sheep’s milk, Tuscany
Castelrosso – cow’s milk, Piemonte
Blucora – blue, cow & goat's milk, Piemonte


Selection of 3 cheeses £13
Selection of 5 cheeses £23

Sample Summer Menu

Thursday 25th June - Dinner


Mozzarella di Bufala con Caponata alla Siciliana £20

Calamari ai ferri - chargrilled squid with fresh red chilli and rocket £20

Culatello di Zibello – with Charentais melon or Italian black figs £22

Mazzancolle – poached Scottish Langoustines with aioli and pea salad with basil, mint & fennel herb £30

Carpaccio di Branzino – thinly sliced raw wild Sea Bass with marigold tomatoes, golden oregano and chilli  £20

Antipasto di Verdure – roast red & yellow peppers with anchovy, baked borlotti, Italian spinach and buffalo ricotta crostino £20

Carne Cruda di Vitello - finely chopped Veal rump with squashed tomato bruschetta and Pecorino Gran Riserva  £20


Strozzapreti con Pesto alla Genovese e Fagiolini Verdi £19

Ravioli - stuffed with buffalo ricotta, garden herbs & lemon zest with marjoram butter and Pecorino £19

Risotto - with clams, zucchini flowers and Castello di Neive Lange Arneis £20

Taglierini - with cherry & marigold tomatoes and basil £19


Rombo al forno - Turbot tranche wood-roasted with anchovy, capers and flowering oregano with summer beets and garden rocket £42

Capesante ai ferri - chargrilled Scottish Scallops with zucchini fritti, chilli and mint £39

Salmone al sale - wild Scottish Salmon baked whole in sea salt with salsa verde and chargrilled verdura mista of aubergines, zucchini & peppers £40

Piccione al forno - whole Anjou Pigeon wood-roasted in San Guido Guidalberto with Tuscan roast potatoes £37

Vitello cotto in bianco - poached Veal shin, pancetta & bay with fresh horseradish, Swiss chard and peas £38

Controfiletto ai ferri – chargrilled Beef sirloin with fresh borlotti, mustard, Sorrento tomatoes and basil £40

Gelati del River Cafe

Roasted Almond
Strawberry Sorbet


Selection of 2 Ice Creams £8
Selection of 3 Ice Creams £12


Affogato with: Grappa Bassano £14 Vin Santo £16 or Espresso £10

Dolci £10

Chocolate Nemesis
Lemon Tart
Almond Tart with Strawberries
Summer Pudding with Valpolicella
Pannacotta with Grappa and Raspberries

I Formaggi – From our Cheese Room

Robiola di Roccaverano – goat’s milk, Piemonte
Asiago Pressato – cow’s milk, Veneto
Capretta di Toscano – goat’s milk, Toscana
Pecorino Sardo Canestrato – sheep’s milk, Sardinia
Blu di Bufala – blue, buffalo milk, Lombardia


Selection of 3 cheeses £13
Selection of 5 cheeses £23

Sample Autumn Menu

Tuesday 18th November - Lunch


Pizzetta – with potato, Taleggio and thyme £18

Prosciutto di Parma – with radicchio and Parmigiano Reggiano £20

Carne Cruda di Vitello e Manzo – finely chopped veal & beef with black pepper, Pecorino Gran Riserva and rosemary bruschetta £20

Bagna Cauda – puntarelle, carrots, romanesco, celery hearts & Swiss chard with warm anchovy & De Faveri Prosecco sauce £19

Mozzarella di Bufala – with artichoke alla ‘Romana’, mixed roast pumpkin, Risina beans, marjoram & Felsina extra virgin olive oil £18

Calamari ai ferri – chargrilled squid with fresh red chilli & wild rocket £20

Mazzancolle – Scottish langoustines split & wood-roasted with garlic and parsley £30


Panzotti – handmade pasta stuffed with Robiola di Roccaverano with sage butter £18

Risotto Verde – with winter greens, stock & Pecorino Canestrato £18

Malfatti con Fagiano – hand-cut pasta with pheasant slow-cooked in Bussola Valpolicella Classico, fennel herb & pancetta £20

Linguine con Granchio – with Devon crab, parsley, chilli & lemon £20


Branzino ai ferri – wild Sea Bass slashed & stuffed with lemon, thyme & marjoram with olives, red winter leaves & Florence fennel £36

Sogliola al forno – whole Dover Sole wood-roasted with pangrattato, anchovy & lemon zest with Italian spinach £36

Fritto Misto – of Cornish Monkfish, Red Mullet, Scottish Scallops, Anchovy, sage & Violetta artichokes £34

Gallo Cedrone – whole Yorkshire Grouse wood-roasted in Isole e Olena Chianti Classico with potatoes & sage ‘al forno’ and watercress £40

Stinco di Vitello – Veal shin slow-roasted in Giacomo Fenocchio Barolo with risotto bianco & gremolata £37

Coscia d’Agnello ai ferri – chargrilled marinated leg of lamb with chickpeas, cima di rape & fresh horseradish £38

Gelati del River Cafe

Roasted Almond
Chocolate & Vecchia Romagna Sorbet


Selection of 2 Ice Creams £8
Selection of 3 Ice Creams £12


Affogato with: Grappa Bassano £14 Vin Santo £16 or Espresso £10

Dolci £10

Chocolate Nemesis
Lemon Tart
Pear & Almond Tart
Pannacotta with Grappa & Pomegranate
Walnut & Amaretto Cake

Formaggi - From our Cheese Room with Muscat Grapes

La Tur – sheep & goat’s milk, Piemonte
Castellino Caciotta – cow’s milk, Veneto
Caprino Stagionato al Caprone – goat’s milk, Sardinia
Ragusano – cow's milk, Sicilia
Basajo – sheep’s milk, Veneto


Selection of 3 cheeses £13
Selection of 5 cheeses £23


Map of Italian wine regions

Frizzanti Sparkling/Champagne


11Brut Reserve 37.5clN.V.Billecart-Salmon39.00

12Brut Rose 37.5clN.V.Billecart-Salmon57.00

11Brut ReserveN.V.Billecart Salmon78.00

12Brut RoseN.V.Billecart Salmon114.00

14Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru N.V.Billecart Salmon132.00

16Blanc des Millénaires1995Charles Heidsieck260.00

15Blanc de Blancs2004Billecart Salmon270.00

13Nicolas Francois2002Billecart-Salmon280.00

18Grande Cuvee NVKrug300.00

23Elisabeth Salmon Rose2006Billecart-Salmon350.00

17Rose2002Dom Ruinart480.00

21Clos St Hilaire1998Billecart Salmon650.00

22Blanc de Blancs 1.5L1990Billecart Salmon750.00

19Le Mesnil2004Salon850.00


1Prosecco 'Superiore'N.V.De Faveri48.00

3Franciacorta Gran Cuvee 2011Bellavista78.00

Bianchi White


185Pecorino2016Cataldi Madonna42.00

170Trebbiano d' Abruzzo2013Valentini250.00


142Falanghina Bru-Emm2017Ciro Picariello42.00

213Fiano di Avellino 2017Ciro Picariello52.00

201Greco di Tufo2016Pietracupa60.00

214Falanghina-Via del Campo2016Quintodecimo95.00

197Costa d'Amalfi-Puntacroce2014Raffaele Palma96.00

Emilia Romagna

175Aulente Bianco2016San Patrignano33.00


200Collio Bianco (Tocai/Chard./Sauv./Pinot Grigio)2017Zuani52.00

160Ribolla Gialla 2012Tercic54.00

161Pinot Grigio 2015Tercic55.00


167Friulano 2017Livio Felluga60.00

164Friulano- Galea2015I Clivi64.00

158Flor de Uis (Malvasia/ Friulano/Riesling)2015Vie de Romans75.00

163Vitovska Riserva 2007Kante120.00

172Ribolla Gialla 2008Gravner150.00



141Frascati Superiore - Villa dei Preti2015Villa Simone38.00


176Vermentino 'Black Label'2017Lunae63.00

171Cinque terre-Costa Posa2017Cinque Terre64.00


129Curtefranca Bianco-Chardonnay2014Ca del Bosco190.00


182Verdiccio dei Castelli di Jesi-Vigne dell Oche2016San Lorenzo44.00

180Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Riserva2015Bucci81.00


100Erbaluce di Caluso 'La Rustia' 2015Orsolani38.00

105Favorita2014Umberto Fracassi44.00

120Gavi di Gavi 'Montessora'2017La Giustiniana58.00


116Roero Arneis 2017Bruno Giacosa68.00

112Timorasso-Derthona2016Vigneti Massa70.00

104Langhe Riesling-Petracine2016Aldo Vajra75.00

107Timorasso 'Fausto'2014Coppi86.00

199Chardonnay-Rossj Bass2015Gaja150.00


975Chardonnay- Gaia&Rey 37.5cl2015Gaja250.00

102Sauvignon Blanc-Alteni di Brassica2015Gaja260.00

106Chardonnay 'Gaia & Rey' 2015Gaja490.00


150Vermentino di Gallura- Solianu2017Cantina Ledda62.00

178Vermentino di Gallura-Sciala2017Vigne Surrau63.00


217Grillo-Rocce di Pietra Longo2017Centopassi44.00

119Etna Bianco 2016Tenuta delle Terre Nere46.00

179Ciuri Bianco - Etna2016Terrazze dell'Etna47.00

174Erse Bianco2016Tenuta Fessina48.00


155Pietramarina Etna Bianco (Carricante)2017Benanti136.00


194Vermentino-Solosole 2017Poggio al Tesoro52.00

210Vernaccia 'Fiore'2016Montenidoli52.00

192Chardonnay 2016Isole e Olena88.00

193Poggio alle Gazze2016Tenuta dell'Ornellaia115.00

207Batar (Pinot Bianco/Chardonnay)2015Querciabella190.00

964Ornellaia Bianco2014Tenuta dell'Ornellaia330.00

Trentino-Alto Adige

146Pinot Bianco 2017Cantina Terlano40.00

143Kerner 'Prepositus'2017Abbazia di Novacella47.00

108Olivar (P.Bianco/Grigio/Chardonnay)2015Cesconi61.00

144Sylvaner- Praepositus2016Abbazia di Novacella66.00

145Gewurtztraminer - Am Sand2015Alois Lageder67.00

115Pritianum2014Giuseppe Fanti70.00

153Chardonnay-Lowengang2015Alois Lageder95.00


973Pinot Bianco-Rarita2004Cantina Terlano240.00


196Grechetto-Latour a Civitella2015Sergio Mottura68.00

Valle d'Aosta

103Petite Arvine2016Les Cretes55.00

109Blanc de Morgex et de la Salle2016Ermes Pavese58.00


123Soave Classico 2017Pieropan38.00

134San Vincenzo2017Anselmi41.00

128Lugana 2017Ca'Lojera50.00

127Soave Colli Scaligeri-Vigne della Bra2016Filippi52.00

124Soave Classico - Calvarino2016Pieropan54.00

125Soave Classico 'La Rocca' 2016Pieropan71.00

298Soave Classico 'La Rocca' 1.5L2015Pieropan150.00

Rosati Rosé


83Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo2016Tiberio34.00


166Pinot Grigio Ramato2016Specogna46.00


87Rosato2017Castello di Romitorio42.00

Rossi Red


514Montepulciano d'Abruzzo2015Marina Cvetic58.00

528Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 2011Emidio Pepe195.00

517Montepulciano d'Abruzzo2001Emidio Pepe330.00


711Bacioilcielo (Aglianico/Barbera/Primitivo)2014De Conciliis36.00


680Aglianico del Vulture Titolo2014Elena Fucci95.00

660Sabbie di Sopra il Bosco2015Nanni Cope97.00

713Taurasi (Aglianico)2011Pietracupa110.00

656Terra di Lavoro2011Galardi150.00

294Naima 'willburger series' (Aglianico) 1.5L2004De Conciliis260.00


712Carso Terrano (Refosco Istriano)2011Zidarich64.00

900Cabernet Franc2015Palazzolo e Figli78.00

330Schioppettino2012Ronchi di Cialla95.00


915Merlot - Buri2006Miani300.00


351Valtellina Riserva-Carteria2013Sandro Fay85.00

356Sforzato 'Ronco del Picchio' 2013Sandro Fay110.00


706Rosso Piceno Superiore2016Aurora44.00

529Lacrima di Morro d'Alba-Vigna Paradiso2010San Lorenzo 52.00


Barolo: Novello

344Barolo-Ravera2011Elvio Cogno130.00


345Dolcetto d'Alba -Bric del Salto2015Sottimano42.00

350Dolcetto d'Alba-Vigna del Mandorlo2016Elvio Cogno43.00

347Dolcetto di Dogliani-San Luigi2016Pecchenino52.00


359Barbera d'Alba - Laura 2015Ferdinando Principano44.00

349Barbera d'Alba-Santa Lucia2015Cesare Bussolo60.00

348Barbera d'Asti - Mongovone2016Elio Perrone65.00

352Barbera Conca Tre Pile2014Aldo Conterno82.00

363Barbera d'Alba 'Vigna Francia"2014Giacomo Conterno130.00


357Lange Rosso-Pinot Nero2014G.D.Vajra70.00

396Langhe Freisa2015Giuseppe Rinaldi79.00

397Freisa di Chieri - Villa della Regina2013Balbiano100.00


377Langhe Nebbiolo 2016G.D.Vajra 55.00

367Mimmo2013Le Piane56.00

400Langue Nebbiolo-DisanFrancesco2015Roberto Voerzio62.00

365Langhe Nebbiolo2016Massolino62.00

364Costa della Sesia 'Uvaggio' 2014Sperino64.00

573Gattinara 2014Travaglini68.00

362Ghemme2013Paride Chiovini78.00

360Langhe Rosso (Nebbiolo)2012Roagna79.00

405Laboro-Disobidient2012A&G Fantino81.00

371Nebbiolo d'Alba - Valmaggiore2015Bruno Giacosa82.00

399Bramaterra Riserva2007La Palazzina85.00

353Langhe Rosso-Seifile2009Nada Fiorenzo98.00

386Boca (Nebbiolo/Vespolino/Bonarda)2011Le Piane105.00

390Carema-Etichetta Bianca2011Ferrando135.00

369Lessona (Nebbiolo/Vespolina)2013Sperino140.00


376Barbaresco 2015Produttori del Barbaresco84.00

381Barbaresco-Monte Stefano2012Serafino Rivella140.00

380Barbaresco 'Fausoni'2011Sottimano140.00

388Barbaresco - Muncagotta2013Produttori del Barbaresco145.00

813Barbaresco 'Rabaja'2010Bruno Rocca190.00

370Barbaresco Riserva 'Santo Stefano' 2006Castello di Neive240.00

806Barbaresco 2013Gaja330.00

805Barbaresco 'Costa Russi '2007Gaja600.00

Barolo: La Morra

374Barolo 2011Elio Altare150.00

877Barolo-Rocche dell'Annunziata Torriglione2000Roberto Voerzio500.00

Barolo: Barolo Commune

391Barolo -Monvigliero2012Burlotto125.00

375Barolo -Bricco delle Viole2011G.D.Vajra150.00

Barolo: Castiglione Falletto


366Barolo Monprivato2012Mascarello290.00

Barolo: Serralunga d'Alba



809Barolo-Faletto di Serralunga2009Bruno Giacosa360.00

818Barolo-X Anni2006Massolino480.00

385Barolo Riserva - Monfortino2005Giacomo Conterno920.00

Barolo: Monforte d'Alba

372Barolo 'Ravera'2013Pierro Benevelli78.00

828Barolo 2010Aldo Conterno170.00

355Barolo 'Gavarini Vigna Chiniera'2011Elio Grasso185.00

373Barolo-Runcot2004Elio Grasso300.00

823Barolo-Granbussia1996Aldo Conterno380.00


686Nero di Troia 2017Tufarello31.00

688Primitivo-Arpago2015I Pastini42.00


718Cannonau di Sardegna- Lillove2016Gabbas41.00

703Barrua (Carignano/Cab. Sauv./Merlot)2014Agricola Punica82.00


725Etna Rosso-Ciauria 2017Pietro Caciorgna40.00

723Nero d'Avola Agrille di Tagghia Via Sutta 2015Centopassi49.00

716Terre di Sirene (Nero d'Avola)2007Zenner50.00

714Cerasuolo di Vittoria2015Cos58.00

700Etna Rosso-Guardoilvento2015Pietro Caciorgna60.00

701Etna rosso (Nerello Cappuccio)2010Calabretta68.00

722Montecarrubo2016Vinding Montecarrubo89.00


596Montescudaio Rosso2015Fattoria Sorbaiano40.00



864Ghiaie della Furba (Cab.Sauv./Merlot/Syrah)2007Capezzana115.00

Colli Aretini

594Torrione (sangiovese)2014Petrolo76.00

856Galatrona (merlot)2006Petrolo210.00


508Chianti Rufina Riserva 'Bucerchiale'2013Selvapiana63.00


513Chianti Classico2015Poggerino49.00

522Chianti Classico2016Felsina52.00

511Chianti Classico 2015Fontodi54.00

523Chianti Classico 2014Rocca di Montegrossi55.00

512Chianti Classico 2015Isole e Olena57.00

595Chianti Classico Riserva- Il Campitello 2012Monteraponi94.00

584Chianti Classico 'San Marcellino'Gran Riserva2012Rocca di Montegrossi95.00

903Chianti Classico Riserva 'Rancia'2013Felsina100.00

907Chianti Classico Riserva 'Vigna del Sorbo2009Fontodi110.00

516Chianti Classico Riserva 'Vigna delle Conchiglie'2013Poggiotondo120.00


574Pian del Ciampolo2015Montevertine64.00

592Tin Amphora2015Montesecondo85.00

556Il Carbonaione (Sangiovese)2001Poggio Scalette105.00

830Cepparello2010Isole e Olena140.00

840Flaccianello della Pieve (Sangiovese)2012Fontodi160.00

570Tignanello (Sangiovese/Cab. Sauv.)2015Antinori250.00

838Cepparello 1.5L2012Isole e Olena300.00

834Flaccianello della Pieve (Sangiovese) 1.5L2010Fontodi380.00

590L'Apparita2007Castello di Ama400.00


532Rosso di Montalcino 'Ginestreto'2015Fuligni62.00

531Rosso di Montalcino2015La Potazzine70.00

533Rosso di Montalcino2014Valdicava72.00

539Rosso di Montalcino-Vermiglio2014Constanti95.00


536Brunello di Montalcino 2013Fossacolle100.00

826Brunello di Montalcino 2012Fuligni120.00

540Brunello di Montalcino 2013Le Chuise140.00

535Brunello di Montalcino2013Gaja140.00

803Brunello di Montalcino 2012Constanti160.00

538Brunello di Montalcino 2007Mastrojanni170.00

524Brunello di Montalcino2009Cupano210.00

812Brunello di Montalcino Riserva2004Fuligni220.00

827Brunello di Montalcino Riserva2006Costanti250.00

911Brunello di Montalcino2011Poggio di Sotto310.00

862Brunello di Montalcino-Sugarille2006Pieve Santa Retistuta-Gaja320.00

560Brunello di Montalcino 2012Cerbaiona350.00

964Brunello di Montalcino Riserva1997Biondi Santi950.00


954Tosacana IGT-Case Basse2008Soldera750.00


519Vino Nobile di Montepulciano 2015Dei54.00

520Vino Nobile di Montepulciano- Maestro2013Palazzo Vecchio62.00


504Morellino di Scansano- Heba2015Fattoria di Magliano36.00




530Le Difese2015Tenuta San Guido52.00

541Le Volte dell'Ornellaia2016Tenuta dell'Ornellaia54.00

572Tassinaia (Cab.Sauv./Sangiovese/Merlot)2014Terriccio72.00

575Guildaberto2016Tenuta San Guido76.00

579Sondraia2013Poggio al Tesoro97.00

902La Serre Nuove2015Tenuta dell'Ornellaia110.00

851Sassicaia (Cab.Sauv./Cab.Franc) 37.5cl2011Tenuta San Guido180.00

853Ornellaia 37.5cl2011Tenuta dell'Ornellaia180.00

577Guado al Tasso (Merlot/Cab.Sauv.)2013Antinori195.00

581Lupicaia (Merlot/Petit Verdot/Cab Sauv)1999Terriccio270.00

841Sassicaia (Cab.Sauv./Cab.Franc)2009Tenuta San Guido320.00

580Scrio2006Le Macchiole330.00

901Ornellaia 2013Tenuta dell'Ornellaia360.00

861Masseto (Merlot)2006Tenuta dell'Ornellaia1400.00

Trentino-Alto Adige


334Teroldego Rotaliano2016Foradori52.00

324Lagrein Riserva -Amperg2015Klaus Lentsch61.00

323Pinot Nero (available chilled)2015Franz Haas68.00

331Villa Gresti di San Leonardo2011Guerrieri - Gonzaga72.00

912San Leonardo2011Guerrieri - Gonzaga145.00



650Montefalco Rosso2013Tabarrini54.00

659Sagrantino di Montefalco2010Paolo Bea180.00


304Bardolino(Available Chilled)2016Raval34.00

337Recantina2017Serafini & Vidotto38.00

300Valpolicella 2017Allegrini38.00

309Valpolicella Ca'Fui2017Corte Sant'Alda56.00

302La Grola (Corvina/Syrah)2016Allegrini60.00

318Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso2015Corte Sant'Alda79.00

325Amarone della Valpolicella Classico2013Marion145.00

305Corvina-La Poja2011Allegrini150.00

801Amarone della Valpolicella Classico2006Allegrini180.00

307Amarone Della Valpolicella 2007Giuseppe Quintarelli850.00

Dolci Sweet

75Vintage 37.5cl2000Niepoort90.00

70Colheita 75cl1999Niepoort95.00

Vin Santo

33Vin Santo2009Capezzana80.00

79Occhio di Pernice (Sangiovese)2003Badia A Coltibuono100.00


50Moscato D'Asti 2015Paolo Saracco42.00

54'Solalto' (Traminer/Sauv.Blanc/Semillion)2008Le Pupille45.00

43Recioto di Soave Classico 'Le Colombare'2015Pieropan66.00

48Essenzia (Chard/Sauv/Riesling/Gewurz/Kerner)2012Pojer & Sandri70.00

47'Ben Rye' Passito di Pantelleria 37.5cl2015Donnafugata80.00

44Torcolato (Vespaiolo)2011Maculan86.00

34Grechetto-Muffo 37.5cl 2005Sergio Mottura100.00

60Picolit 50cl2011Livio Felluga210.00


63Aleatico di Puglia2012Candido54.00

29Barolo ChinatoNVCapellano84.00

62Recioto della Valpolicella 'Giovanni Allegrini'2013Allegrini90.00

65Passito Rosso 'Vigna Sere'2003Dal Forno300.00



35Marsala Superiore Riserva10yrsMarco de Bartoli90.00

Private & Off-site

Private Dining

Our private dining room seats up to 18. It has its own entrance and views onto the terrace. Full audio-visual facilities are available on request.

To book the private room, please fill in our booking request form here or call the restaurant on 020 7386 4200. To make a general enquiry about the private dining room, email

Off-site Events

The River Cafe is now doing "off-site" events, bringing the River Cafe experience to you.

To enquire about an off-site event, please email Georgia Kirsop at


Gift Vouchers

Sample voucher

River Cafe Gift Vouchers are available for any amount and include a personal message. They can be emailed, sent by post or collected at the restaurant, and are valid for two years.

Orders are processed during regular office hours. Please call the restaurant on 020 7386 4200 if you need the voucher sooner.

Order a voucher here

Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes

Limited Edition River Cafe Gift Boxes for 2018. Find out more here.


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Rose Gray

Rose Gray

Co-founder of The River Cafe
28 January 1939 – 28 February 2010


The River Cafe

Thames Wharf
Rainville Rd, London W6 9HA
+44 (0)20 7386 4200

Getting to The River Cafe

Tube: Hammersmith
Parking: Pay and display in surrounding streets
Valet Parking: Available in the evenings,
Saturday & Sunday lunch
Open location in Google Maps

Press & Vacancies

For press contact Georgia Kirsop:
For vacancies contact:



We are currently recruiting full-time sommeliers, reception and floor staff.

Please email your CV and covering letter to